Our Main Services

  • There are so many services that we offer to our clients. You cannot fail to find what you are looking for from our website. In this section, we are going to have a review of our services so that you can be comfortable to book your appointment with us.

  1. Residential Carpet Cleaning: Our company has high quality vacuum cleaners that will remove all forms of dirt from your carpet before cleaning and make it as clean as new.
  2. Upholstery: Your household upholstery can be cumbersome to clean but Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team has all you need to keep your upholstery clean all day long.
  3. Tile and Grout Cleaning: Tile and Grout surfaces need specialized cleaning if you want to retain their quality. We have the best team to work on your floors, countertops, and even backsplashes.
  4. Mattresses: Mattress cleaning is not a DIY activity if you don’t have the required level of expertise. Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team has a well-trained team that will clean and polish your mattresses and make them worth using.
  5. Area Rug Cleaning: Areas rugs should always be clean and we have the right expertise to handle this task.
  6. Wall-to-Wall: Don’t just trust anyone with the cleaning of your precious walls. We have all it takes to keep your walls shining irrespective of the finishing that is on your wall.
  7. Yacht Cleaning: We thoroughly clean yachts so as to enhance their lifespan and guarantee you an excellent riding experience.
  8. Tubs and Showers: Tubs and showers should always be clean if you want to enjoy your bathing. Call us today and we will give your bathroom a totally new look.
  9. Porcelain and Ceramic: We clean all your porcelain and ceramic surfaces in line with the recommendations of the manufacturer and hence won’t compromise with the quality of your precious surfaces.
  10. Furniture Cleaning: Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team has the best furniture cleaning in the market. It does not matter whether you want to clean your tables, chairs, kitchen cabinets, sofa sets etc. we do this with the highest level of expertise that you can think of.
  11. Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Have an office with carpets? Call us today and we will use our commercial carpet cleaning services to transform your office space into a real business center.
  12. Emergency Water Removal and Extraction: There comes a time when you have unexpected water overflow in your house. Our experts will wipe away such a mess within a very small period of time.
  1. Harwood Floor Cleaning: Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team clean hardwood floors with the highest level of expertise.
  2. Drapery and Blind Cleaning: Drapery and blinds are at the center of your home or office and should always be clean. We have the right washing agents that will remove all forms of dirt from these accessories.
  3. Concrete Floor Care: Most concrete look dull because most homeowners don’t know the secrets of giving them the desired natural look. We have the right applications that we use in cleaning concrete floors to give them the best look ever.
  4. Pet Odor Removal: Pet odor is very disturbing but we are highly qualified to removing them and giving your house a special touch.
  5. Pet Stain Removal: You cannot remove pet stains with ordinary cleaning techniques. We have highly specialized detergents that will remove all these stubborn stains within no time.
  6. Oriental Rug Cleaning: Most people don’t know how to clean oriental rugs but our cleaners will help you out.
  7. Spot and Stain Removal: Spots and stains are very disturbing on any surface or garment. However, all these challenges come to and end when you decide to use Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team.  
  8. Leather Cleaning: We know how to handle leather cleaning and your garments will remain in an excellent condition all day long.
  9. Fiber Protection: Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team is the best when it comes to fiber protection.
  10. Rug Deodorization: We use the right procedure in rug deodorization so as to give you the best treatment ever.
  11. Tile and Grout Sealing: We take care of your tile and grout surfaces so as to give your investment the value that it deserves.
  12. Persian Rug Cleaning: Plantation Carpet Cleaning Services Team has the most experienced Persian rug cleaners that will keep them well maintained.
  13. Marble Cleaning and Polishing: Cleaning and polishing marble surfaces requires the use of the right technique and you can count on us if you want to retain the value of your investment.